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International Art, Design and Manipulation Symposium's book was designed in 2013 for Fine Arts Faculty, Sakarya University. 380 pages.
Designed for myself this time. My portfolio book includes only selected works from among all of my works. It was limited with 100 pages.


What is exlibris? Look at this. If you want to have an exlibris designed to one's name, you can just send an e-mail.
Designed for May Day. Texts in the poster, X: Boss Y: The job Z: Worker T: The rights of worker.
Designed for the graduation exhibition arranged traditionally by Uludag University.
Designed for 5th Culture and Art Competition arranged by Uludag University in 2007. My poster took 1st award in the competition. Its theme was "Global Warming". I tought that the right way, which explains global warming, was Noah's Arc.
Designed for 47th International Troia Festival Poster Competition that its theme was "Troia and Peace" in 2010. My poster was selected for the competition exhibition.
Poster on urbanization and its effects. "Towering Buildings, Rising Screams" 2013.
The poster, which was the finalist of graphic design category in Utilità Manifesta Design Contest in Italy, was also exhibited in Dumlupınar University International Invitational Poster Festival in April of 2013.
The poster, which was the finalist of 2012 International Trnava Poster Triennial in Slovak Republic, was also exhibited in Dumlupınar University International Invitational Poster Festival in April of 2013.
The branding is product of a collective freelance design group called Kozmos. Translation Republic is a translation company based in USA.
Designed for 4th May Day Poster Competition. 1st Award was given to one of them and it was used in celebrations of May Day in 2009.
Designed for a new advertising agency. The owl is a selected character of hieroglyph which was used in Egypt, also symbol of wisdom.
Designed for a company which provides managership service to footballers.
Catalog design of an exhibition "Reap 2013'. 38 pages. 2013
Poster on hunger and poverty. "Little Food, Much Poverty" 2013.


Some activities in which I took part such as symposium, biennial, triennial, exhibition, competition etc.
Designed for a competition which its main theme was 'The idea of human is capital of production.' Click to see the exhibition catalog.
The poster and catalog were designed for the graduates exhibition of Uludag University in 2009.
Designed for 1st National Respect to Labor and Artwork Poster Competition. One of them was exhibited and published in the catalog of the competition. For the catalog...
Designed for 17th İzmir Jazz Festival Poster Competition in 2010. Two of my posters were selected for the competition exhibition.
"Anthology of Bulgarian Poetry" was designed for Ahmet Emin Atasoy who is a writer, poet and translator. The anthology was published as Turkish and Bulgarian editions.


Various logos. If you want to have a logo, it will be enough to send an e-mail. If you have some questions, feel free to ask them.
Poster on observation and inspection. "Inspection Tree", 2013.
The poster about violence against women was selected for the exhibition of competition arranged by Konya Metro-politan Municipality. And the poster was published in the competiton's catalog. Click to see the catalog.


Photographs taken using with analog cameras generally. Just hobby...
Designed for an advertising agency. They were looking for a graphic designer.
Designed for the exhibition '50. International Bursa Festival'. The theme of the exhibition is 'The pebbles of Bursa'. I also took part in the exhibition.
Exhibited in 50th International Bursa Festival in 2011. A stone model was transformed into a camera obsruca. A transparent surface that reflects the image was placed into the stone model. The audience could see the image looking through the viewfinder. See images above for the details.
Where is my vote? I've seen this slogan for the first time on a poster competition. And I think it has turned into a common and powerful slogan in regarding the distrust of counting votes.


You can download my detailed resume. It is just 729 KB.
Designed for Ahmet Emin Atasoy who is a poet and translator. The poetry book has been published Turkish and Bulgarian editions.
Designed for an advertising agency. A logo, which is not only sound and dynamic but also serious, was requested to be designed since the agency turned five.


The artworks which I have worked on for years are just produced using digital methods. This part includes only the most recent works. For the old works...
The identity was designed for a collective freelance design group called 'Kozmos (Cosmos)'.
Designed in 2010 for World Water Day Poster Competition organized by the State Water Supply Administration. The title of the poster is "Some choices are vital".
Designed for the introduction of new saloon of a dance group called Axe Capoeira Bursa.
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